Yellow Crookneck Squash

One of the great summer squash varieties. Yellow Crookneck performs consistently with excellent results, producing bright yellow fruits that are loaded with luxurious buttery flavor. Pick them small, 4-5" long, to capture their best flavor.

 Pickling Cucumber

Good flavor that are ideal for pickling.  The fruit is dark green with a white spine. Sumter is resistant to many diseases and grows well in our area.

Black Beauty Zucchini 

Dark green and will grow to around 6-8” in length. It has a slightly nutty flavor.  Remember, if not picked regularly, zucchini will grow to an enormous size!

Marketmore Cucumber

A very popular variety amongst home gardeners. It produces an 8-9” straight dark green cucumber that has good flavor and is very disease-resistant. This is the best tasting slicing cucumber we have grown.

Emerite Pole Bean 

A French filet-style bean, emerite produces a bounty of attractive, slim, 7-9" long beans noteworthy for their crisp and delicate texture and full beany flavor, easy to harvest this productive plant.

Rattlesnake Pole Bean 

Productive pole bean with purple stripes!   Beans are stringless and easy to eat right off the vine!  Eat these beans fresh, cooked, shelled or dry!  

French Gold - Pole Bean 

These hard-to-find, handsome yellow beans are true "haricot verts:" classically slim, round 7 to 9 inch pods with delicate, sweet flavor and a crispy snap. Especially choice eating. Heavy bearing, vigorous vines.

Maxibel Bush Beans  

A popular gourmet market specialty filet bean. Heavy producer of 6-8" tender beans on good sized plants. Maxibel will keep you loaded with fresh beans for a good amount of time. 65 days


All our vegetables are from certified organic seed.  

Beans & Cucumbers $2.50 

Celery $4.00

Zucchini & Squash plants $3.50

Sugar Snap Peas 2 plants for $2.50

Italian Eggplant - Violetta Lunga

An early variety that has dark purple fruit.  It is almost seedless!  The eggplant has a sweet and nutty flavor.  It is great grilled or sauteed.  

Tango Celery

A Bloomberg Boys FAVORITE!!  Heat tolerant and self-blanching it produces tender stalks with a mild and fresh flavor and a super crisp crunch!  weighs 3-5# EA.

To order plants :

Sugar Snap Peas

Produces heavy yields of completely stringless, edible pea pods that are ultra sweet and crisp. These are easy to grow and will provide multiple harvests in the same season.  A favorite of the Bloomberg Boys!  *Highly recommended to pre-order!

Cucamelon/Mexican Sour Gherkin

It looks like a mini watermelon, but it tastes like a cucumber! These tiny vegetables are ready when they are the size of grapes!   In limited quantities for the 2017 season.  

Delicata Squash

By popular request- these small oblong fruit have a thin skin that is edible.  These winter squash are hearty, sweet and full of flavor.  

Want to grow a vegetable not listed here?  Let me know by FEBRUARY 15 and we will order the seeds!!