Purple Bumblebee 

A new addition to the plant collection.  This larger cherry tomato is juicy and sweet. The tomato is purple with stripes of green.  This tomato has a superb flavor and resists cracking.

Want a tomato not listed here?  Let me know by FEBRUARY 15 and we will order the seeds!!

New Girl

An extra-early tomato, usually ready in 60 days.  A delicious early season tomato better than early girl.

San Marzano Redorta

A productive, large paste tomato (8oz - 4 inches long) that is perfect for sauce.

Black Cherry

Unique tomato variety, sweet, rich, complex, full tomato flavors that burst in your mouth.   Great quantities of 1" round, deep purple, mahogany-brown cherry tomatoes (early producer).  


French heirloom that bears prolific clusters of 6, beautiful, 1 1/2-inch, round, golf-ball sized tomatoes that are persimmon-orange colored inside and out. 


A family favorite!  Our only non-certified organic variety.   The GMO free tomato is orange -  super sweet with lots of fruit.   

Ildi (Yellow Grape)

High yielding delicious yellow fruit, sweet enough to eat right off the vine.  One of the earliest tomatoes in the garden.


A very productive red tomato with exceptionally fine flavor.  Produces well even into cooler weather!

Russian Big Roma

Looking for a sauce tomato?  Look no further!  This favorite heirloom paste variety is disease resistant and produces lots of huge (2 x 4-inch), deep red, fruits with exceptionally rich tomatoey flavors. 

German Johnson

BIG, leafy and robust plants produce 1 - 2 lb tomatoes!  Pink and beefsteak in shape ( & size) this tomato is full of flavor as well!

Brandywine - Yellow

Plants are big, with large amounts of 1 lb yellow-orange tomato with intense sweet flavors balanced with a slight tartness.

Chocolate Stripes

 A mahogany tomato with dark green stripes.  It has a rich and earthy tomato flavor.  A favorite of BG and chefs alike.


Plants have slightly ribbed, large bright red tomatoes that have delicious sweet flavors.  A tomato classic if there was one!


Disease resistant, crack resistant and heat tolerant tomato sought after  for it's hardiness and deliciously sweet flavor.  Produce huge amounts of 1-inch, brilliant red tomatoes in big clusters 

Tomatoes $4.00 

All of our tomatoes are heirlooms, open pollinated, and indeterminate unless noted.  
All our seeds are certified organic and GMO free, except Sungold which is GMO free.

All cherry/grape varieties grow well in containers, as well as black krim.​

Costoluto Genovese

An old world Italian heat loving tomato.  It's scalloped shape (with deep ridges) makes it as unique to look at, as it is to eat.  Full of classic tomato flavor - also makes good sauce.  

Indigo Rose

A hearty 1-2 oz tomato, on a compact plant.  Tomatoes are dark purple/black (sun side) or dark red (shade side) when ripe.  Full of complex, tangy, plummy tomato goodness.  Wait until fully ripe to enjoy!

To order plants: amy@bloomberggardens.com

Brandywine -Pink

A classic variety producing 1- 2 lb fruit.  Flavorful and makes you think Tomato! A BG favorite

Amana Orange

Large plants produce light orange tomatoes that can grow to 2#.  It has a sweet, tropical type flavor.  Plants originated from the Amana Colonies in Iowa.

Snow White

Very productive and deliciously sweet 1/2 inch round tomatoes ripen to a pale yellow. 

Seeds we have - some grown in past, some not....for more details look them up on google! 

Delicious .                                  Dr. Wyche's Yellow

Zarnitza                                     Pineapple

Zogola                                       Pink Ponderosa

Julia Child                                  Matt's Wild Cherry

Copia                                         Indigo Apple

Dagma's Perfection                 Moskovich

Gary Ibsen's Gold                    Mexico

Neves Azorean Red                Celebrity

Ananas                                      Dixie Golden Giant

Illini Star                                    Black Plum

Sasha Altai                                Green Zebra

Cherokee Chocolate               Purple Russian

Pink Boar

Midsize & Large Tomatoes

Nature's Riddle


Back by popular demand!  This delicious tomato is yellow with pink striping.  It is sweet and flavorful and is a great slicing tomato.  An incredible addition to your garden!  

Pink Bumblebee

A very pretty pink tomato with yellow striping.  Very sweet about 1" oblong tomato.  A very unique addition to the garden.

Tim's Black Ruffles

A very unique tomato!  It's purple and pleated and produces many 8-12oz tomatoes per plant.  Our BG testing friends from 2015 loved this plant!

Cherokee Purple

Heirloom tomato cultivated from the Native American Cherokee tribe.  A beefsteak type tomato that is dusty rose/purple in color with green shoulders.  This tomato has a rich, sweet, & complex flavor  

Black Krim

This outstanding tomato yields 8-12 oz purplish beefsteak tomatoes with deep green shoulders.  Tomatoes have an intense and slightly salty taste.  A Bloomberg Gardens favorite!

Amish Paste 

Tomatoes are sweet, meaty and core-less.  Plants usually produce large numbers of 8 -12 oz deep-red ox-heart shaped tomatoes that are perfect for salsa,sauce and eating fresh. 

Tommy Toe 

Produces large sprawling plants that yield great amounts of 1", bright red, cherry tomatoes with excellent flavor and plenty of juice.