Said to be 100 times hotter than jalapeños!  Prized by chile aficionados not only for its intense heat, but its distinct fruitiness.  


Slender long peppers turn bright red and are very HOT.

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Chinese Five Color  

Peppers are hot, grow upright, and turn from purple, to cream, to pale yellow, to orange, to red when mature. Plant has green stems with purple markings, green leaves with purple veins, and purple flowers. A very ornamental plant that is great for containers.


Plants grow 2.5 feet tall and produce dozens of dark glossy green fruits 2-3" long. Known for its milder flavor and medium heat. this is the most popular chili pepper around!  70-75 days.


An all-purpose chili good in a range of dishes from salsa to eggs. Plants are 36" tall and highly productive. The mature chilies are 3" long.   75-80 days.


Very popular chile in Mexico! 3-6" fruits with gentle heat.  Dried, the fruits turn a rich dark red-brown and may be ground into an authentic red chili powder. Plants reach 2 feet or so and require a long season.

Hot Peppers

Tangerine Pimento 

An early maturing, very prolific sweet pimento pepper.  A Bloomberg boys FAVORITE!

King of the North

This shorter season bell is very bushy and very high yielding (14-20 peppers).  Blocky fruits have great tastes.   Fruit turns green to bright red.   57 days green, 68 red.


A superb heirloom frying pepper from Italy. The 4" fruit turn red and start producing very early with flavor that is rich, and very sweet. Great fried or fresh, a true Italian variety that is widely grown in the Chicago area.

Orange Bell

Medium sized, bright orange with thick-walls, great taste and higher yields than most.  70-75 days


By request of a BG customer!  This small Japanese pepper is perfect for roasting and grilling.  Usually harvested green, but can be picked after it turns orange or red.

Super Shepherd 

Very productive Italian Pepper that is super sweet.   5-7" long peppers that are 2-3" wide. Peppers turn from green to red and flesh is thick and juicy.  66 days

Sweet Peppers

All peppers are open pollinated, and can be planted in pots.

Days are from transplant into garden. 

​Peppers $4.00 

Want a pepper not listed here?  Let me know by FEBRUARY 15 and we will order the seeds!!

Thai Chili Pepper

This heirloom chili is a native from Thailand.  It is pointy and narrow, easy to dry and very hot!



By request of BG customers this is a milder chile and can be used green or when it turns red.  On the heat scale similar to a jalepeno  it has a smokier flavor and is more mild as it matures.