We sell a variety of containers, filled with certified organic potting mix and our starter plants.  

Here are some of our favorite designs!

Salad in a Pot - includes a mix of spinach, red/green lettuces, arugula, radishes, and green onions.
$26 Large $20 small

Cherry Tomato Trinity- sungold, snow white and black cherry tomatoes in a large pot $35

Kitchen Herb Mix -Oregano, Parsley, Basil, & Thyme in a medium size pot $27

Tomato Sauce - San Marzano Redorta Tomato, Basil, Oregano, Green Onions in a large pot $31

Basil Mix -Sweet Basil, Lemon Basil & Thai Basil in a medium size pot $23

Salsa Pot -Jalepeño pepper, Amish Paste tomato and cilantro in a large pot $31

Tomato and basil in a medium sized pot  $21

Upside down tomato:  $11

​Tomato in a bucket: $11

Discounts are given for using your pots.

Dreaming of something different?  Contact us to see what we can do!  amy@bloomberggardens.com

Container Gardens