2018 is here, and so is the start of the gardening season!!
This year brings us some changes to Bloomberg Gardens.  With time constraints being as great as ever, we will be adjusting how we sell plants this year.  We will NOT be selling plants at markets.  However, we will be selling the same great plants from the “farm”, just like we have been doing pre-market orders for years.  Therefore, we will need to have orders for plants in by March 15, as we will be planting based on orders only!

We can still plant whatever varieties that anyone wants/needs just like we have done in the past.  If you are looking for something not listed on the website, that request needs to be in by February 18, so we have time to order the seeds.

Thank you for your support, we appreciate and value your continued business.

To kick off the season, we are having a 5% off sale for all of our plants through March 1st.  Send orders to amy@bloomberggardens.com​    

To order plants: amy@bloomberggardens.com

Visit us at our Facebook page bloomberggardens for updated information and for questions & answers on anything related to gardening!

We accept credit card payments on all orders.